I am software engineer based in Berlin, Germany. I work for ESCRIBA where I’m rewriting their old Struts applications into new tech like Angular/React. I am blockchain enthusiast and like to hack with web technologies.


After working in Gtech for 2 years on various projects, I decided to change my path and switch from corporate to a startup company. I’ve joined TruckTrack and help them build a modern SaaS solution for managing trucking companies. With my mission done there, I joined San Francisco based company Embroker as #4 engineer and seen the company grow from barely 10 to 100 people. Few years fast forward… I decided to move to Berlin since I wanted to join a bigger community and have a better base for traveling around. You can find a lot more on my resume here.

What else I do

I like to teach people programming. I believe that in this new economy everyone can benefit from coding and in the future, it is going to be an everyday tool for any human. So far I held few javascript courses for unemployed in Serbia, NodeJS course for students in Namibia. Besides that, I like to talk and discuss technology, especially one that could potentially improve our lives like blockchain or AI. Occasionally I do some other tech-related workshops/talks.

Want to work together?

If so, please reach me via email. Currently, I’m open for Web and/or blockchain technologies.